Pokémon Absent

Pokémon Go is in speedy drop. Since launching in July and soaring in reputation, it experienced dropped no less than a 3rd of its everyday consumers by the center of August. By mid-September, everyday revenues had fallen from US$16m each day to US$2m (excluding the thirty% app retail outlet price) and day-to-day downloads had declined from the peak of 27 million to seven-hundred,000.


Obviously, quite a few cell video games – In particular ones that bring about a all over the world trend – endure declines in utilization with time. Pokémon Go still generates substantial revenues. But its precipitous decline has noticed it labelled a trend and nicknamed “Pokémon Absent”.

This raises the dilemma of why usage has dropped so steeply, and what other recreation providers might do differently to keep users. In my view, Pokémon Go’s creators Niantic have made numerous considerable missteps. Here are the teachings that other companies can study.

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